Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tomorrow, tomorrow....

Maybe holds the answers!?!?  After 5 stinkin' weeks I finally caved in and called the doctors office!  Boy, am I glad I did (they said they were too).  Apparently my chart got pushed aside or something when Dr. D was on vacation.  Real nice.  Oh well, they were kind about it and will see me tomorrow afternoon with the results.  I knew they wouldn't give me any information over the phone and the nurse on the phone said, "The doctor is much better at explaining the results and helping you know what to do to have a successful pregnancy in the future." (or something similar along those lines).  Soooo, that seriously leads me to believe they found the answer.  I hope, anyway.  Otherwise, would she have said that?  Then again, some of the women I've been meeting have gotten such answers, thinking they were 'good to go' only to get pregnant again, lose that baby, do further testing and find out it was other things also.  BUT I rest in God's hands in this.  As I read in a book we're reading in the Mommies with Hope Bible study- these tests are maybe a means to healing, as are many other things.  They will not give me the fulfillment I need, only God can do that (totally paraphrased that).  So, hopefully at this time tomorrow I'll be sitting with Dr. D receiving word.  And maybe, just maybe this month we can give it a try again?

In other news, if you follow me on facebook you know I broke my toe.  Just a real tiny break- he couldn't even see it until the 3rd X-ray and that had to be magnified.  But, it'd enough to hurt that's for sure!  I do notice I can walk a bit easier today that I could on Monday.  What happened?  We went to an open house on Sunday and I was walking down the stairs, talking to the real estate agent and reading the paper she'd handed me.  I came to the landing at the bottom and assumed I had two more stairs, but there were three.  So, I fell on my knees but somewhere in there my big feet got in the way.  I am so clumsy- I totally need to be locked up :-)  For so many reasons!  But, as I was thinking about it the other day, at least I wasn't pregnant with a broken toe!  I couldn't imagine being 35 weeks pregnant with a broken toe (yes, I'd be 35 weeks today)! 


Anonymous said...

I pray they have the answers you are looking for!
I was wondering the other day what my little on would have looked like and how he/she would have fit into the family dynamic.....

Sorry about your toe. That is painful!

God Bless,

Sherry said...

I hope you finally get some answers tomorrow!

I am OK said...

Wow, hope it went well. Always here for you, praying.

Broke your toe - hee hee. I hate when I do stuff like that. LOL