Sunday, December 30, 2007

Almost there

We're on our way home. We left yesterday afternoon and drove to Milwaukee. Tonight we're staying in Arkansas. We aren't really pushing ourselves to get back as much as we pushed ourselves to get to the U.P. Its more relaxing this way though. I'm thankful that the hotel we're at tonight is nice. Last night our non-smoking room smelled like a smoking room. Right after we got in there Zach started hacking (he's allergic to cigarette smoke). I had to ask if we could move to another room. That place wasn't as great as where we're at tonight. The bed is super soft and much bigger. It's cleaner. I think I'll get a good nights rest tonight. No worries of mice or bed bugs. Then on to the deep south once again. It is nice that the weather is warmer. It was crazy how right after we got out of Chicago there was like no snow. Our van needs to see a car wash- talk about nasty from the salt and sand on the roads. That will be the first thing we do in the morning. Sorry I'm rambling, I'm exhausted. I have much to post about from our trip and took almost 300 pictures. Hopefully I'll get to it soon. I'm not sure I'll have time to post tomorrow, so if not I pray you all have a safe and happy New Year.


Mama Russell said...

Hi Jamie!

I haven't stopped by to say hi in a while. Hope your travels are safe!

In His grace,


Anna said...

Happy New Year Jamie!! Have a safe rest of your trip home=)