Friday, December 28, 2007

Home Is

Home is cozy. Home is warm. It is full of loving hugs from a mother's tender embrace that has warmed the heart for 30 years. It is full of laughter at children's antics as they play and romp around. It is the smell of the woodstove as it creates a cozy atmosphere, a haven of warmth from the cold outdoors. It is peeking out the window to see the tall pines laden with beautiful white snow. And to catch a glimpse of the deer munching on apples in the yard. It is the sound of snowmobiles dashing through the white fields. It is the taste of foods you can only find at home: mom's spaghetti, pasties, mashed potatoes to name a few. And it is the sound of mice scratching and climbing the wall of your room in the wee hours of the morning, making you believe they're nibbling on your items in the room. This is home.


Becca said...

Excepting the mice, it sounds very homey indeed! I remember squirrels in our bedroom walls at home. But I guess as long as they can't get at you there could be much worse.

Amie said...

That sounds cozy.