Thursday, December 20, 2007

Off we Go

In a couple of hours we will be heading from the wet south where we're experiencing thunderstorms to the cold and white north. Please keep us in your prayers as we travel. I'm sure I'll have time to blog at some point. I have been wanting to blog about our Christmas we celebrated here at home but I just haven't had time. I have pictures to share also.

I must say I haven't gotten many Christmas cards this year. Its really weird. I guess we're all trying to save money and send them through email like I did but I do miss the cards coming in my mailbox too. And I am so frustrated. We were supposed to get Zach's last Christmas gift today through UPS. I tracked it and it said there's an exception? I sure hope by some chance they deliver it before we leave. Last it was detected in Jackson, MS. Too bad we couldn't just pick it up on our way through there!

1 comment:

Risa said...

Have a safe trip! Keep awake:)

Do you have a neighbor or a friend who can check for your package while you are gone? Maybe if you left the garage door open or something...

I'm sure you will figure something out. :)