Monday, December 10, 2007

Whether the Weather

The past couple of days its been about 75-80 degrees. It is unreal and it doesn't feel like December! Even though its warm I've still come down with a bit of a bug I think. Cuddly Boy has been coughing for a few days and now it seems something has gotten a hold on me. I couldn't sleep last night and I was so hot. I guess I must have had a fever. Even when Zach got up and turned the AC off and put on the heat I was asking him to turn it off- I was too hot! That is so unusual for me- I'm normally always cold. My throat began to hurt and when Zach was still home and I lie in bed my body just felt a bit achy. Thankfully when I awoke for the day from my fitful sleep I didn't feel as bad as I had previously, but I still don't feel 100%. I'm tired and my throat still hurts. I'm trying to pump myself up with Vitamin C and I even took some silver as I'm determined to not get too sick. I don't have time with three children!

Tomorrow I'm supposed to go to Mobile to meet a lady I've 'known' through the Above Rubies egroup for 5-6 years. She is down in Florida currently and I've never met her before so I'm really looking forward to it. Friday we have Zach's work Christmas party and I really don't want to feel miserable for that. So, I'm bound and determined to feel well! We did a smidgen of school and otherwise sat in front of the TV. It gives me an opportunity to read also. Zach got me these books for Christmas last year and I'm ashamed to admit its taken me almost a year to begin reading them! At the same time I can see how God almost ordained for me to read them now. If you've read them you'll know what I mean.

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Risa said...

Let me know what you think about your books...they look really good! :)

I've been reading the Heirs of Montana by Tracie Peterson lately...I must update my bookshelf! :)

I hope you are feeling better soon! I don't like being sick either but to have to take care of the kids, house, and school only seems to make it worse. Plus being this time of the year with visiting and parties and such...I'll be praying for you! :)