Sunday, December 02, 2007

Tree Trimming

Yesterday we dug out all of the Christmas stuff and had a fun time putting it up. It is amazing how excited the kiddos are about it! I guess when I was little I was real excited about it too.

You never realize as a child the work that actually goes into it~ putting the branches on, stringing the lights, unpacking the ornaments and then the clean up. Then you need to dust surfaces where you put knickknacks and things like that. Now my house is sparkling clean and decorated for the season.
This is the first year I used white lights. We've always had color and I just love the look of white and wanted something different.


Mom said...

Oh how precious my grandchildren are. Enjoy this holiday season. Love you all.

Jodie said...

Cute pics.

I'll have to try that marinade - it sounds delicious.

The cotton factory was neat!

Anna said...

Great holiday pictures!

Christine said...

Very sweet pictures! It looks like fun.

Amie said...

Christmas is a little different on the parent side isn't it?

Your tree looks so nice and balanced. Our bottom half is empty.

Risa said...

It looks nice! I've yet to figure out what we are going to do...we forgot our tree when we moved but we don't have room for a big one anyway. The kids keep asking and I keep putting them off!