Saturday, December 08, 2007

Fun in the Park

So we went to the base the other day for the tree lighting. I had never gone before. We met with our homeschool group and had a great time! They had a train, bottle painting and a pony carriage ride, not to mention they were giving away prizes and had music. We didn't stay for the tree lighting or Santa as I had to get back for a Christmas party. Plus I was really hungry and for some reason they weren't serving food yet! Here they are doing his bottle painting! They certainly had fun with that!

Little Man really did not want to go on the carriage ride. He said horses are sick. I think he was afraid I wouldn't let them go on the train too! So, he doesn't look too happy. Princess is in all her glory though, as she is a horse lover! I wouldn't have made Little Man get on but I wanted him in the pictures;)

The kiddos rode in the caboose on the 'train'. It was something attached to a little Tracker that drove around the circular drive. They sure enjoyed it! I should have went on it with them, but I decided not to.

When I put them on a lady came up to me. She said something like, "This is going to sound really weird, but I read your blog". I was really surprised! Turns out we were in a Yahoo group together for a time. We chatted for a bit and she has the two most beautiful little girls! It was nice meeting you Erica!

Not sure who this little boy is, but it was the only picture I had with them all looking!


Becca said...

LOL....You went to the base for the tree lighting and didn't stay for th etree lighting. =) Looks lik the kids had fun!! It's a different world there than here....a tad bit warmer, I'd say!

Anonymous said...

This makes me miss Biloxi!
I just scanned pictures of the same event when we were there in
'04. I really enjoy reading your blog and visit it a few times a week. Your post about weary HS Moms is so true - we all feel that way at times. We just have to keep our eye on the prize and run the race to win! Be Encouraged and Happy Blogging - Gina in NC.

Anna said...

That's looked like a bunch of fun! My mom has that same carriage for her horses I haven't been on it yet though=) Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

What a fun day and the other boy must be one of their new friends:)