Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Merry Christmas from My Family to Yours

Some of you will have received this in your email, but I know I don't have everybody's email address. Have a blessed Christmas my blogging friends!

Merry Christmas!

I cannot believe another year has passed. How time flies the older we get! Sometimes it seems the days will never end, but then the year has flown! We pray this year has found you all well and closer to the Lord. We have had quite an eventful year here in Mississippi.

In March of this year we lost our baby at 14 weeks gestation. Jamie delivered him and we were able to bury him at the National Cemetery. We named him Malachi Robert. Malachi means ‘My Messenger’ and we believe that in his short life he sent quite the message. It took about 23 days for Jamie’s body to release the baby and it was quite an experience. While we were on an emotional roller coaster and our faith was tested we constantly felt the Lord’s presence and peace upon us. It was amazing. I know many of you were praying for us and we could feel every one of those prayers. God is awesome. While we miss our little boy, especially at Christmastime, we look forward to the day we will reunite with him in heaven. And we thank God for the time we did have with him and that we were able to hold him. The children talk about him almost every day and we try to visit his grave often.

In May we took a trip to North Carolina to visit old (and new) friends. It was a blessed time seeing our old friends from there. We stopped in South Carolina and Georgia along the way to do some sightseeing and visit other friends. It was a much needed and welcomed vacation. In October Jamie flew home (ALONE) for about a week to spend some time with her family. It was her first time being away from Zach and the kids for such a lengthy amount of time. She enjoyed it but also missed them like crazy! We've also decided to travel home for Christmas. This is a last minute decision and will be a quick trip. Princess is the only one who remembers snow from North Carolina and the kids are SO excited about playing in snow. Not to mention getting to see grandparents for Christmas! It will be our first Christmas 'home' since we've been married. We're looking forward to it (besides the long drive).

As some of you know the Lord opened the doors for us to adopt. It had been on our hearts for some time and the door opened for us to take action. We faithfully obeyed the Lord and we have been on such a ride! For those of you who have adopted you know what we're talking about! We are adopting from Liberia, Africa and hoping for a little girl between the ages of 3 and 7 years old. We were hoping to receive our referral (name and info of child) before Christmas but it is getting down to the wire now. We cannot wait to learn who our little girl is and bring her home to us! She is already a part of our family as we often talk about her and daily pray for her. We're excited at how the Lord is working!

We also sold our house and moved into military housing! It was such a God thing and we were able to pay off debt that we’d incurred as well as have money set aside for our adoption. Houses aren’t selling down here very well, but the Lord sold ours in 5 days! This was a HUGE testimony to us of God moving mountains!

Now, on to how we’re doing. Princess is now 7 ½ and in second grade. She has learned to ride her bike this year. She is a big help around the house and enjoys reading and playing Barbies. She was baptized the day after her birthday and she has such a heart for Jesus and desires to tell others about Him.

Little Man is 5 now and began kindergarten this year. He excels in math and is slowly plugging away at reading. He really enjoys doing school and is always making me laugh as I teach him. He loves his Transformers, riding his bike and watching movies. He asked Jesus to come into his heart a couple of months ago.

Cuddly Boy is 3 and still the baby of the family. If he's not climbing on washing machines or digging in the refrigerator chances are he's breaking something! As much of a handful that he can be he is such a delight and is still as cuddly as ever. He's always making us laugh, just like his brother, by his antics or funny faces. He is in Cubbies this year at church and really enjoys memorizing his Bible verses. He likes to sit at the table and do 'school' with us.

Zach has been busy at work. He began teaching a new course this fall and is still learning the ropes of his new job. He's still cheering on his Packers, who are having a winning season and he keeps busy helping and playing with the children. We're hoping the Air Force will transfer us this coming summer to somewhere where we can enjoy the seasons! Both Zach and Jamie teach the Cubbies at church and we really enjoy working with the children.

Besides homeschooling the children Jamie still finds time to read, blog and maintain the home. She is doing a Bible study on Motherhood right now and is being stretched and encouraged by it. She enjoys Park Days with the homeschool group where not only the children 'socialize' but so does she! She also enjoys Mom's Nights where she gets a break from it all and is uplifted by other homeschooling Moms.

It has been a year of trials, but the Lord has worked mightily through each one. He is such a faithful God and we are trying to be His faithful children. We think and pray for you all often and we hope that your 2007 was blessed and that your 2008 will be prosperous for the Kingdom of God.

Many CHRISTmas blessings to you,
Zach, Jamie, Princess, Little Man & Cuddly Boy


Melissa said...

That was a great holiday letter! Merry Christmas to you and yours as well.

Risa said...

Wonderful letter!

I had the same intentions but never took the time to do it...I suppose I could still squeeze it in before Christmas at my in-laws...I might pull a Bethany and do a New Years there's an idea!

So I'm rambling!

Merry Christmas to you too!