Saturday, December 15, 2007

Face Time

Last night we went to Zach's Christmas party for work. Made an appearance, ate some alright food, won a gift card to Pizza Hut and a Rubbermaid bowl. That's all I'll say about that. Just not my cup of tea and way out of my comfort zone, those kind of things. But, we did show our faces. That's a big thing to do in the military for those who don't know.

Today we went to the 'mouse' as Jodie refers to it. Thanks Mom for the gift card. We all had a good time. We also went to see the baby's grave as it will be the last time to see it this year. At times I'm having a real hard time (when I think about it) with knowing we should have a baby here with us celebrating Christ's birth. You really feel the voids on holidays. And especially now that we're going 'home' for Christmas for some reason I'm feeling the void even more. OK, enough about that before I cry!

Oh yeah, I got a message this morning from the doctor (on a Saturday). I had left one for him yesterday wondering my test results. He said everything is fine. I'm supposed to go in next week but I'll have to reschedule it. I'm glad its all fine but then I sit and wonder WHAT is wrong with my body! Although so far this month it seems to be better.

Well, my Cuddly boy is being WIGGLY boy right now and will NOT fall asleep. My patience is gone with him. I just want some peace and quiet!

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Jodie said...

So you're going home. Yay!! It will end up being more than worth it. We'll be up there as well, from the 27th - 1st.

At least you won stuff!! That's always nice.