Monday, December 03, 2007


I don't have a menu yet this week. I know we have NO meat in our freezer although Zach did pick some up today for me! I haven't had time to figure out what I want to make, what I need to buy and all that. I guess instead of being online I could be doing that, but what fun is that? I don't foresee when I can even make it to a store with the way my week looks. So hopefully I will get my menu done soon (for my own sake). I think we'll be eating breakfast for dinner...that is if I have pancake mix!


Aduladi' said...

I feel your pain!! I scraped together enough leftover chicken to make soup, but after tonight we have no more meat in the freezer and I have no desire to go and get any!

Bah Humbug! ;-)

Amie said...

I loved that article on your adoption blog about the family from the U.P. I am so anxiously awaiting news of your daughter! Every time I see your blog in bloglines I hope it might be news!

Risa said...

I haven't done a menu for this week either...but with the kids having their dental work done yesterday we haven't been able to eat very solid food yet anyway...we will probably have pancakes tonight too! :)