Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I just don't understand the changes in the price of gas. I've watched it fluctuate so much I could puke. It was down to $2.11 on Sunday and yesterday back up to $2.24! How such a ridiculous hike in such a short time? And of course I needed gas yesterday...but I only put $10 in. I'm going to take advantage of the next time it's below $2.15! I don't see how the price of a barrel of oil can change that much. Stupid government!

I don't know why we bothered to go with the same people who built our fence to do our deck. It took them FOREVER to come and do the fence and now its taking the same to get the deck done. We told them we wanted a deck the last week of June or first week of July. And they still haven't been out. Now I'm sure it's really busy with everybody requesting these type of things in the summer but I WANT MY DECK!!! One thing they said about completing the fence was that the rain held them up. I was in MI so I'm not sure how much it really rained but according to my neighbor it didn't rain THAT much. I wonder if it will even be done by the time Zach comes back.

Speaking of Zach, I'm so tired of him being gone. He told me he figured he's been gone over 100 days since we moved here! Crazy! I'm quite used to doing it all alone by now. At first evenings were weird and horrible and seemed to drag on but now its no big deal. But I hate it. I hate that I get zero breaks. I hate that I do everything by myself. Sure my kids help out a bit here and there but it's nothing like when Daddy's here. It's not like he even helps out much, at least as far as housework type stuff, but he sure is a help when it comes to the kids. And they behave so much better when he's home. I feel like we're all in limbo because our lives are just turned upside down with Daddy gone. My children don't listen well to me at all, although I'm really trying to work on it! They need to learn to listen to mom. I'm sure it's not easy for them for their dad to be gone so much. And please don't tell me "At least he's not in Iraq" because YES I am grateful for that but that doesn't make it ANY easier right now! Until you're in my shoes you just wouldn't understand!

Ok, I think I'm done griping for now. At least as far as what I'm willing to share on here. There are more things I could complain about but I'll just keep my mouth closed!


DDK23 said...

No matter where Zach is it has to be hard on everyone. I can't even imagine traveling as far as you did with the the kids.
We still need to get a fence up. Thankfully the neighbors just moved in yesterday so we can get to work on that with them soon (that is why we were waiting). We really need a deck too, but we do that stuff on our own so we are just waiting on us lol. OH and we still need to paint, put up curtains (we have blinds), put up pictures...etc. You wouldn't have thought we have been here a year almost:-)

Anonymous said...

I totally understand the gripe!
My husband has worked 6 days a week for about 3 months now and then with church on Sundays (am&pm)we rarely have time together. Even though I have a teenager to help me out it is still not the same as Daddy. Hang in there, it will get better. Gina

Kim said...

Wow gas is cheap there. Its $2.53 here. Well I just read your post above and now I see your back in Iowa and ZAch is still gone. That is a long time to be gone, Geez 100 days already. Boy I hope he doesn't have to go away anymore when he comes back.