Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I love deals!

So I've finally figured out all I'm using for our school for the coming year and boy I've already gotten some deals and steals! I must say I love trying to save money on homeschool materials. Here's a list of what we're using this year:

Bob Jones English, Spelling, Handwriting4
Math-U-See Gamma
Pearables Personal Help for Girls
Writing Strands

Junior Squirrel:
Bob Jones English, Spelling, Handwriting 2
Math-U-See Beta
The Gentleman's Series, Lessons in Responsibility for Boys by Pearables
Writing Strands

Booty Shaker:
Bob Jones K5 Beginnings (Phonics/English)
Math-U-See Primer
The Gentleman's Series, Lessons in Responsibility for Boys by Pearables

Leading Little Ones to God
Mystery of History vol. 2
God's Design Science
Various read alouds

It's funny, I feel like I'm 'preparing' for school so early! Really I know I'm not, especially since I'll be teaching 3! I'm scared to do 3 children! I wonder if we'll be doing school all day long? I'm really excited to start the new year though (I always look forward to a new year of teaching). I love to see what my children (and myself) will learn. Once I get all my books ordered I'll have to let you know the savings!!! Do you have a favorite place where you get homeschool materials from? I need to look into my archives and see some of the places where I ordered from last year because I know I saved money last year.


WildCAT said...

I've been getting all of my school stuff in the mail! It's fun to go through it! It's funny because I was going to suggest to you "Leading Little Ones to God" when you were talking about needing a bible curriculum! I want to get that...did you get a deal on that one?

Anonymous said...

Let me know how you like The Gentleman's Series. I used the Home Ec books from Pearbles for my daughter and we enjoyed it. I have to switch gears now for the boys:) Have a good one,

Kim said...

wow to think about school starting is scary. I haven't even begun to prepare even though my kids go to public.Your on the ball. I don't know how you do it. You're Super mom!