Thursday, July 09, 2009

feelin' good

It is so good to be home! We arrived Tuesday about 11 am. I managed to unpack and clean most of the house and then we were out. We went to VIP night at America's Incredible Pizza Company. It was insane the amount of people that were there. But we got to eat for free and then we each got a $10 game card to use to play (which totalled $60). Chatterbox and I played on Bumper Cars and then we all just played some games. We came home with lots of money left on our cards so we'll have to go back!

Wednesday we stayed home most of the day, then we headed to the chiropractor. Afterwards the kids rode their bikes and I visited with the neighbor a bit. Then we headed to Sonic (Emily had never been there) and to the library. We walked away with all sorts of books for the kids!

Today we were supposed to head to the park but the weather wasn't cooperative so we headed to Jester Park to see the buffalo, but they were so far away you could barely see them. We ate lunch at Okoboji Grill and came home. Here I came home ready to sit in all day because of the rain, so I changed into sweats and wouldn't you know its clearing up! Oh well, I am relaxed. I'm doing laundry and don't have much more planned for the day. I do need to go through the oodles of mail I have and file it all away and I should clean up parts of my basement since I just threw some things down there.

This morning Junior Squirrel asked me if he could shave! He said because CB took showers when she was 7, since he's 7 isn't he old enough to shave? It was hilarious!

I'm having a good time with my cousin, Emily. I try to keep us busy so she doesn't get too bored or homesick! I hope she's having a good time. Last night after the kiddos went to bed we played Scattergories.


Amie said...

I can only imagine how good it feels to be home after being away that long!

Beth said...

Hey Jamie! I've enjoyed reading about your adventures while you were on vacation. I know you are glad to be home and in your own space again. We are all ready for some space here. Looks like we get to move into base housing on Monday, but won't get our stuff delivered till Thurs. OH well....the end is near.