Sunday, July 12, 2009

something I received

This is something one of Chatterbox's friend's moms sent me. I thought it was so sweet and wanted to share. It really does make you feel good and like even when there are bad 'mom moments' you still have good ones and must be doing something right! Thank you Jesus!!!

K was playing with R this afternoon when a little spat happend. Later tonight we were talking about how to tell if people were your friends as R had her ask Shannon for something I had already said no about. She said " She made me ask" Which we responded that it was still a choice she made herself. That K could have told R that the answer was no and that she wasn't going to ask. We also explained a little about how true and good friends don't ask you to do things that are wrong. About 15 min after our discussion, K came up to me and said " my only true and good friend is Chatterbox, she never says hurtful things or asks me to do things I'm not supposed to like R and T." I asked her why she thought that CB was that way and she replied " Because she follows Jesus and the rules that God have given us."

I just wanted to share this with you as I know I sometimes wonder myself if we are getting the message through to our children and this is a good confirmation that both of us are.


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This is the BEST!

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