Monday, July 06, 2009

we're almost there!

So, here's my weekly update if I can remember what I all did.

Tuesday we stayed home for most of the day. Kim, my stepdad, was going to baby-sit the three older kids so my mom and I could go and see My Sister's Keeper with her two friends. He 'watched' them at his parent's house, although I'm not sure how good you can watch kids when you're outside stacking wood (his parents ended up watching them, and I was not happy about it)! But at least he offered to do it and I got that night out with my mom. The movie was good, though not as good as the book.

Wednesday I was supposed to go to my cousin, Sherry's, for a BBQ but we rescheduled for Friday because the weather was so awful and rainy on Wed. So we just stayed home and indoors and that was just fine with me! Oh, that was the day we took a 2 hour nap! That was nice!

Thursday I went to visit my friend Kristy who I went to high school with. Another of our old classmates was there and it was nice to see them and their children. Oh, before that I took my mom out to dinner. I had my mom take the boys back to her house and just took the girls so I could enjoy my visit without my boys running around somebody's house!

Friday was the day I went to Houghton to see my family again. I went to eat at Ambassador, my favorite must-have restaurant when I go home (their subs are the best). Well, turns out I ran into my one Uncle that I haven't yet seen so he came to lunch with us (and paid!). That was such a GOD thing to run into him because I originally didn't plan to go there! Then I headed to see my Grandma & Grandpa one last time. They sure enjoy my kids and my kids really enjoy them, as crazy as my Grandma can be! We then went to Sherry's for the BBQ. My dad was only able to stay for an hour because they had to go and pick up their cat. That was a bit disappointing that I didn't get to visit with them much. I tried more than normal to see them more often than I normally do when I come up but it didn't amount to much. Oh well, at least I got to see them. I sure did enjoy visiting with Sherry, my Aunt Pauline & the kids though. Most times when I go home I don't see them too much (maybe one quick visit) so it was real cool to see them for such a long time. And my kids had so much fun playing there!

Saturday we went to the parade in Baraga. My mom handed out candy for her work and Chatterbox helped her so it was just the three younger ones and I watching the parade, but they had fun and were really good. I was next to this lady that looked so familiar and i asked her if she was related to the T's. She never did tell me her name and she wasn't related to them. She was a bit 'butchy' looking and had a little boy. She told me the various places she's worked but I've not been to them. Later it occurred to me that maybe she was a lesbian and I sure hope she didn't think I was hitting on her! Gosh, how embarrassing would that be! Then I thought maybe she looked familiar from the last parade I was at up there! After the kids got more candy (most of it I left at my mom's) we went to Kim's parents and had a little BBQ. It wasn't too eventful of a day but it was perfect.

Sunday we went to church. I sat with Sweet Pea in the nursery most of the service and ended up visiting with my friend Bethany. It was so cool to see her little boy and catch up. We had a bit of a scare wondering if somebody had pinkeye, which I think was part of the reason we stayed there with our babies and let the nursery worker go into church (although I don't like leaving my kiddos with anyone and wouldn't have left her). We picked up my cousin Emily and I packed and bathed the dog. My mom's neighbor, Gail, stopped by for a visit. It was cool because I was really hoping I'd see her!

Today we left about 9:10 am eastern time and got on the road. We stopped in Owatonna, MN around 5 for the night. Only 2.5 hours left of our journey home! The kids were really good today and we had good weather and a good drive. I am looking forward to being home tomorrow, it will feel SOOOO good! I hope to get all unpacked, grocery shop and clean the house. Hopefully the kids will play nice and Sweet Pea will not be cranky so i can do it all!

Overall I had such a good visit in the U.P. I got to see so many people I'd hoped to see which was such a blessing. I wished my mom had felt better so she wasn't so tired, but it was still a wonderful visit.


I am OK said...

I never pegged you for one who hits on a lesbian. (ha, ha)I think you may even have God laughing at that one.

Glad to hear the the VK wrapped up nicely and that you had a good time.

WildCAT said...

Yea!! We're excited your (almost) back!! We look forward to hanging out soon! =)

Darlene said...

I had a great time with you all. I wish I would have been up to doing more with you instead of just sitting around.

The candy you left was brought to work yesterday (Tuesday) and it was gone by 4:30 pm when I left! We have some sweet tooths:) Thanks H. for helping in the parade. We came in 2nd place-won $175.00. So whoever participated gets to share in that on the 26th with a picnic in Chassell. Not sure we will be able to make it but sure will try.

I miss you all already but I do enjoy the quiet! lol Love you all.

Sherry said...

I sure hope that lady didn't think you were a lesbian, LOLOL!

I'm glad that we got to spend time with you and the kiddos. The girls sure loved playing with them, and I always enjoy visiting with you. It was nice to see your mom again too.

I hope you get unpacked and get a chance to relax now and get back to your routine. I love vacations too but after a bit you do actually miss home.

Sherry Strack