Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pics Part 1...perhaps

I have no idea if these pictures are in order. I picked which ones I wanted in the video but I think it put all from the album. I'm so tired of picture troubles. I wonder if I'd have such issues elsewhere???


Jamie said...

Talk about poor video quality. Makes me so irritated that I spend so much time trying to put my pics on here!

Kim said...

HI, I thought the pics were great. It's been so long. Are you still in the U.P.? and is Zach still gone? Geez SP has gotten so big.SHe'll be one next,right? I loved the pic of you and her onthe floor w/ your laptops.How cute is that!

WildCAT said...

Cute pictures! =) I've heard typepad is pretty good for blogging...maybe you should switch?