Sunday, July 12, 2009

out of the mouths...

Tonight on the way home from the fireworks Chatterbox asked something about the streetlights and how they turn off and on. She asked if there are people in them that turn them on and off! Then Junior Squirrel piped up and said he used to think that too! LOL

Ok, now I can't remember the other funnies but I know there were others. Junior Squirrel had Emily cracking up about something at dinner.

Sweet Pea has been pointing a bit lately. She also sometimes plays peek-a-boo. My sweetie is growing so fast!

Hopefully I'll remember the other funnies so I can share them next time.


Anonymous said...

My kids used to think the same about the fridge. I love the way kids minds work:) They are always so full of fun things!

I am OK said...

C asked me if God turned on the Sun or if it just had batteries. I always thought that one was funny. Kids are so sweet sometimes.