Monday, July 27, 2009

what is it???

Ok so I had quite the baby-sitter fiasco Friday night. I was rather frustrated about it but since have had time to cool. The sitter called me last night and then her mother a bit later so I felt better after talking to them and letting them know how I felt. I have not paid her for the time she WAS here nor do I really intend to and I honestly hope they don't expect it, ya know? I think most of my readers are on facebook and most of the story is on there! I was soooo angry though. I never get breaks out and really just wanted to enjoy my night, and was until the first phone call! I think its especially important for breaks with Zach being is not easy being with 4 children 24x7 for weeks on end!

Anyway, Zach comes home Friday (I think). It will be so weird to have him here. He hasn't really been here all summer. I'm really excited and glad he's coming home. I do wonder though if I'll be as 'busy'. Sure I'll have him here to help with the kids and all, I don't mean that. I mean busy enjoying summer...seeing new things, exploring, playing outside, going to the awesome parks we have. Zach's more of a homebody I think. Well, when he's been gone for how long and works all day I can't say I blame him. But that will be hard for me to adjust to! It's weird that daddy hasn't been around for so long- the kids probably won't know what to do!

Speaking of kids, yesterday Junior Squirrel said to me, "Mom, you're the cow and Sweet Pea is the bucket". It was soooo funny. He sure has been coming up with some funny things lately. This morning and again last week he told me that eh peed in his bed, that when he awoke his underwear were wet. Well, they didn't seem wet to me, neither he nor his bed smelled like pee. It's weird. I looked up about puberty but he's WAY too young for that (thankfully). So who knows.

Nothing is more annoying to me than the things my kids say to each other to get their way...
BS: JS, I want that
JS: No I do
BS: Fine, I'm Sonic
JS: (in the most whiney, girly voice) Alrigghhht

All day long I hear, "Fine I'm _____" and the whiney "Alright". How do I get them to stop that? Even if they're upstairs or in the basement I still hear it. It is frustrating!

Today my cousin's mom comes to town and they leave tomorrow. For awhile it was rather annoying having her here (I guess the 'excitement' wore off). It felt like I just had another kid to take care of. But the past few days have been better (maybe because I know she's leaving). Anyway, I'll have a few days to myself with the kids and then Daddy's here!!!

We did have plans with friends for the week but some friends are sick so we'll see how it all pans out.

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Kim said...

oh geez I havent been over to facebook yet so I'm not sure what really happened with the sitter. I'll have to go read about it. That stinks though that you were unable to enjoy an evening out. i'm sure it's gonna be so nice to have Zach home. MY kids always behave better when daddy is home too. I always look forward to Jess' days off, just so I don't have to be so stressed with kids.