Friday, July 17, 2009

Silly Squirrel

Junior Squirrel has really had me laughing lately. Yesterday morning he began telling me that Sweet Pea was going to marry a man named John Labertsons (no idea how to spell that). What is he a prophet?? Then he came up to me and said, "Mom, Booty Shaker bless you'd all over me", instead of sneezed! I'm still cracking up about that one! I can't remember if I told you the other day that he mentioned he wanted to shave. Today I believe he said something about having a moustache, wondering when he'd have one. He sure has been a silly one lately! Then you have his humor that isn't quite as funny, like saying in all seriousness and not so quietly that he wanted this one shirt in the JUNIOR GIRL'S section- totally a girl's shirt! He also wanted a girl's watch. Not funny JS, not funny! BUT you do have that sense of humor that keeps me laughing even when you're gone to bed and I remember your silliness. That's what my squirrel's all about!

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Kim said...

OH how silly! I love the blessed you thing. How cute!