Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun

So I'm trying to remember what we did on Friday but I'm drawing a blank! Oh, we went to the Capital building in Des Moines. We got to walk around inside and take some pictures. We also walked outside and looked at some of the grounds. There were some cool statues and things. It was so hot though, so then we just drove downtown a bit and headed to the store for groceries.

Yesterday was a busy, busy day. We were out the door around 8:30 in the morning for the Summerfest parade! Amazing to be out that early, and the parade was even more amazing! It was 2 hours long!!! I've never in my life seen such a long parade! And there weren't huge gaps between things either, like you see in some parades. It was a real good parade and the kids walked away with way too much candy. They even handed out dog treats so even Daisy got some treats (she wasn't there with us though). I got some good coupons for places too, though I haven't looked at them all yet. After that we grabbed some Taco John's and headed to the carnival. It wasn't quite open yet so we walked around to look at the various tents and the boys made some sort of thing out of wood (one of the 'attractions' that was free). I let each one play two games and they all chose fishing and throwing the dart at the balloon (what is that called?). Talk about giving chinsy, cheap prizes! Darn carnies! I played one where I had to shoot a gun at a plastic cup to win a prize. I shot horrible- Zach would not have been happy! Maybe I should let him teach me how to shoot a gun! But I did win this decent size purple dolphin that I gave to Sweet Pea. All the kiddos (well the three oldest ones) went in the Fun House and on the huge slide. Then Chatterbox and I went on the Bumper Cars, Junior Squirrel on the Swing thingy and Booty Shaker on the Carousel (he rode on a monkey, how appropriate). Emily didn't want to do any of it! After that it was time for the Touch-a-Truck so we headed that way and the kids got to sit in huge tractors, fire trucks, police cars, a tow truck, a snow plow and a few other things. We didn't do them all because by that point we'd been outside all day and we were tired and SP was cranky.

I was going to put water in the pool that I aired up Friday night but the pool was flat! So off to the store to buy a new one, but it isn't very big. I could not find the same pool that we already have and its a perfect size and I was too tired to go looking at every store. But the kids had fun playing in the littler one I did get. Sweet Pea was mad when I took her out at first, she wanted to sit right in it! And the water was COLD but she didn't care at all! Eventually I took her out and she nursed and fell asleep.

This morning we went to church at my friend's house. They're the ones planting a church and are trying to get it started! It was real good and even my kids were good! Then we went out to eat Mexican but I wasn't too thrilled. I have yet to find my favorite Mexican place here. I'd been to this one before but it's been awhile.

I've been itching to go through my homeshool items and see what I need to order but I haven't gotten there yet. I also keep meaning to share my Michigan pictures with you but they never turn out right when I try to put them anywhere! I even tried to put them in albums in Snapfish but they still were weird. Ok, I have a little girl who's trying to get smart by eating books so time to go.

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WildCAT said...

I just ordered my school stuff the other feels SO good to get that done! Getting all of the new books in the mail gets me motivated to do school again!