Saturday, July 24, 2010


Yesterday was such a FUN day! Our small group leaders bought all us families tickets to Adventureland and yesterday was the day we went!!! We'd never gone before and the kids were super excited to try some roller coasters. First we went on the Giant Skywheel (pretty much like a Ferris wheel), just the three older kids and I. It was fun, although at first they were a bit nervous about the height. We also went in the Teacups. I was dizzy coming out of those. We had Abby go on some little kiddie rides. We were so hot so we headed to the waterpark. Hannah and I went in the Typhoon- what a BLAST that was! I took Josiah on the blue/green waterslide. Part of it was pitch black, then you come out in the open and are going up the walls- it was crazy fun! Zach took Gabe on the purple slide and the kids played on the big kid thing and waterslides. I took Abby down the lazy river and she LOVED it. Too bad she's afraid of sprinklers- she didn't want to go in anything! We then were cooled off and went back to the coasters- Hannah and I went on the Outlaw, in which I laughed SO hard. I think the last time I laughed like that from such excitement was when I was in college on a jet ski! Josiah and I went on the Tornado. Wow, I didn't expect it to be so crazy. He was freaked out! He was just screaming, "Get me off! I think I'm going to die!" I was trying to hold onto him, laugh and not freak out myself! What a thrill! Then afterward, we looked at his picture- oh my his face looked so freaked out and all I can do is crack up about it! He then told me, "I thought I was going to meet my destination" then corrected himself by saying, "Destiny. I thought I was going to die." I busted up laughing at that! Zach took Hannah and Gabe on the Log Flume and then Josiah, Gabe and I went on it. The older kids and Zach went on the bumper cars while Abby and I watched. We were getting ready to head out of the park to meet the group for dinner when we spotted one of those old fashioned photography studios, so we walked in and had even more fun! The pictures were so cute! We had a GREAT dinner with our group and thankfully were under a pavilion because it began to pour and was lightning and thundering a bit. When we left to come home the sky was just crazy looking- and to the south there was nothing but big cracks of lightning everywhere. It was awesome! We all hopped in showers/baths and headed to bed. It was a long, humid, super fun day! What a blessing our 'leaders' bestowed upon each of our families!

**I tried to upload pics here but it wouldn't work...check out my facebook for some pictures.


Kim said...

That sounds so fun. How nice of them to buy tickets for everyone. Oh my Josiah cracked me up about "his destiny" kids are so funny : )

I am OK said...

That sounds like so much fun. I love, love, love to be so excited and scared than I am just laughing my head off. Always happens on the coasters! What an awesome gift!