Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ya just can't escape it...

Today was a good day. We drove a little over an hour away to Iowa Falls and met up with a former coworker of Zach's. Mary worked in MS with Zach and we hung out with them a few times. She was in Iowa visiting family with her two boys so we went and met up for pizza. Then we went to this swinging bridge they have there- it was really neat. It was a nice little visit and not even bad of a drive. When we got back to town Zach wanted to drive through the neighborhood we always go and look at open houses at. There's this new house that's not completed yet but we saw somebody pull up to it and asked if we could look at it. Turns out the guy was the builder and he was more than cool about it- even with our 4 kids! Wow, I think that one is my new favorite!!! It wasn't even complete and I FELL in love with it! Of course its like $300,000 MORE than what we paid for OUR house so totally out of our league...we just like to dream :) The part of the basement that was finished was bigger than our whole house!!! Yet the house wasn't like a mansion-like or anything! I really wish we had a bigger home so we could be hospitable. I told Zach that if we had a house like that we could house youth for conventions and things like that- that would be so much fun! Another cool thing about it- underneath the front porch is a tornado shelter!!! Coolness!

We then decided we'd see if our sitter could watch the kids. We came home and I took a nice little nap. Then we went to Panera for a bite to eat and decided to go to the movie. We had a great time! At the end of August it will be our turn to 'host' a night for our small group. We each, as a couple, get to decide what we do that night. So far they've had a BBQ/picnic at the 'lake' and a gym night. We came up with the coolest idea...but I don't want to share here in case anyone from my group reads my blog ;) I wish we didn't have to wait until the end of August to do it! lol

We went and saw Grown Ups. I wasn't sure how it'd be because some Adam Sandler movies are such trash. This was SO FUNNY! I don't think I laughed that hard at a movie since 4 Christmases! Totally worth going to watch! And you know the movie 'Meet the Parents'? There was a preview for 'Little Fockers'! FUNNY! Anyway, right before the movie began I heard this lady behind me who'd gotten this phone call. I didn't hear what she was saying, but then a few minutes later I heard her again, saying, "She's here. Six pounds such and such ounces, no height yet." Then she must've made another call and I heard it again. Can I just get away from things like that??? That was a tough moment. I want to be the one with a 6 pound baby to love and hold! Speaking of babies, SO many more people are announcing on facebook that they're pregnant so I had to go ahead and hide some of their comments for now. It's just so difficult. Not as difficult for those who've been pregnant for awhile like a few of my friends here, but for the newly pregnant people it just hurts (some of them anyway). I'm happy for them, but sad for me. Anyway, I don't wanna end a good day on a bad note. I'm thankful for the good day we had.


Kim said...

cool you guys were able to meet up w/ an old friend. I love looking at houses too. Jess and the kids make fun of me because when its dark out and people have their windows open I like to look and see how their house looks inside. Im not spying Im just into all that decorating stuff and I like to see some people ideas....Call me I want to see that movie. SO glad to hear it was funny.

Darlene said...

I do that to Kim:)