Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's only July...

and it has been the suckiest, worst year for our family. Here's a rundown:

  • Stepdad broke his ankle and was laid up for a long time
  • I lost Nathaniel
  • Father-in-law diagnosed with emphysema
  • Father-in-law had triple bypass surgery
  • Grandma diagnosed with emphysema
  • Another Grandma broke her back
  • Stepmom broke her toe
  • Grandpa just had angioplasty
  • I also just found out about some serious issues (not health related, but could totally end up that way) with a cousin on my dad's side that are so heartbreaking to me

I'm afraid to even ask 'What's next?' I was just telling my mom on Thursday when she told me about my Grandma's back that God totally orchestrated her to get laid off when she did (and she's not going back to work). She's been a nursemaid to so many, and then BAM, her dad ends up in the hospital! I'm just tired of it! I don't know how people who DON'T know God hold on in times like these. I may only be holding on by a thread, but I know He's carrying me through it all. And I'm certain I've missed a few items on this list also.


Amie said...

Praying this half of the year is better!

Kim said...

Oh my, That is really a rough year so far. Prayers there arent any more tragedies, and everyone is healthy

DDK23 said...

It is amazing how God can pull you through. We have been through years like that where it just seemed like everything goes wrong. I remember telling Chad once that I was mad at God.....I knew God was there, and he was actually helping us more than we knew....but I was still mad.
This we have still had some stumbles but overall it's been a great year. But even now I remember in the back of my head what it was like when we were having trouble and it makes me even more thankful....but I do say a prayer for all those who aren't having as great of a time. Because I remember what it was like to be so overwhelmed. You are definitely on my list everyday, and I pray that you have more brightness in your life, or at least a break from what you have been going through. I know it will turn around for you.... but what you are feeling now is completely normal. I wish I could offer more!

I am OK said...

When the crap lists start to over run your thoughts you have trouble. Overwhelming and so sad. I'll add them all to my prayer lists.

Sherry said...

Like you mom said in an earlier post, one day at a time.....that's how I am functioning at the moment. I'm sorry to hear about grandma and grandpa though ~ I didn't know they had such serious health issues.