Friday, July 09, 2010

Hip Hip Horray!!!

Hannah's home at last! We left yesterday afternoon and drove to a suburb of Minneapolis where we met up with my parents and Hannah. We had a good time going to dinner, swimming in the pool and hanging out a bit in the hotel (we had adjoining rooms, though I'm not sure Papa liked that too much)! Today we went to the Mall of America. We only went to go to The American Girl store and Legoland but we also walked around Nickelodeon Universe. It was SO fun watching the enthusiasm of Hannah in the AG store! I hope she fully absorbed it- it seemed she kept bouncing from one thing to the next! Her doll, April, got her hair done while we shopped around. Hannah picked up quite a few things today and we even got Abby a Bitty Baby Twin with blond hair and blue eyes! Next time we need to go on some of those rides- fun! We also got to 'see' Spongebob & Patrick. We spent wayyyy too much money on the kids today, but it was worth it!

We had a good ride home and stopped at this big Cabela's store in Owatonna, Minnesota. It's not nearly as great as the new Bass Pro Shop they just built around here. We also ate a great 'linner' at some nearby restaurant.

Zach had to pick up his car in Ames, since I met him at work. On the way between there and home I turned on our local Christian radio station. God was SO in that music! EVERY single song was meant for me...and I bawled a good portion of the way home! First was this Third Day song talking about God being there in teh sadness when no one else understands. Then that Blessed Be the Name of the Lord song by Matt Redman I mentioned not too long ago. Then I'll Fly Away. Seriously, I sobbed my eyes out on that one. THEN the one I blogged about What Faith Can Do. Really, God??? He's sure trying to get my attention!!! I needed that. Now to listen!

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Kim said...

How much fun is that. We loved it at the MOA when we went there. So much to see and do. We did take the kids on the rides. They were so much fun.