Tuesday, July 06, 2010


I forgot to mention recently how we've already lived here in Iowa for 2 years! It's so hard to believe that much time has gone by! I'm thankful for all the people God has brought into our lives here. Even before we moved here I had friends (thanks to the internet). From churches to homeschool groups to friends I've met here or there its been awesome. I like that there are things to do here- good shopping, a bit of outdoor things, some smaller museums, a zoo. We live in a great neighborhood and have great neighbors. But I'm already beginning to get that 'itch'. I know much of it has to do with the loss of Nathaniel. I barely felt this way before everything happened. Now I just wish we lived on a base, had a military community and support system, especially when it comes to dealing with loss and the recent things going on at Zach's job. And to think we'd live in a probably new and much bigger house really makes me want out of here! I'd totally miss my friends, especially my two closest ones! Last night my Aunt & Uncle stopped in for a bit on their way to Oklahoma. My uncle is retired from the Army so they know all about military life. I love moving around and seeing new places, meeting new people, making a new house our home. So, pardon me while I itch a bit and think of the two remaining years here!


I am OK said...

I know the itch well. We've been here 4 years already and I am dreaming of seeing something new. But base ... hmmm I think I was scarred from the last one. Town will have to do. :P)

Kim said...

Crazy its been two years already. Just watch the next 2 years will be going just as fast

Amie said...

I can't imagine moving every few years. We've been here ten years this summer and we still feel like transplants!