Monday, July 12, 2010

Where I'm At

We had a really good weekend. Saturday morning we went to the Summerfest parade. It was so fun watching the kids' excitement! Abby really liked it too and it was great seeing her wave to the people and dance to music! My kids were so sweet with their candy- often giving it to the little boy next to us- and they still came home with a ton of candy! The boy's mom commented on how our kids are the most polite kids she's ever met (she must not be around many kids was Zach's comment)! We came home and just relaxed. The boys and Zach worked on making their new Lego's, Hannah played quietly in her room and I read and napped with Abby. That evening we went to the little carnival and blew some money on some of the games there. What a rip off! The kids had fun playing games though! They won a few cheap carny toys. Then we went to Wig & Pen for dinner- yum their pizza is awesome!

Sunday we had a great sermon in church- one I really want to go back and listen to and meditate on. The music was so fitting to 'me', yet also difficult. Sometimes I have to just hold back from singing so I don't cause a flood of tears. Other times I just need to marvel at the words of the songs. Sometimes its just difficult to sing the words. Last night a friend from college, Jenny, and her two kids plus another kid that's with them came to stay! They're on their way back to Oklahoma from Michigan. The kids are having a blast together and its been fun to catch up with Jenny. I'm amazed at how well the kids play- sometimes you just never know how well kids will get along! They'll leave tomorrow morning.

Speaking of tomorrow...I have my doctor appointment. I'm a bit nervous. I just have so many questions and I hope I remember to ask them all! Plus I STILL have my period and I really don't want to be 'checked' during that...maybe they'll hold off and still answer my questions! We also have ID appointments at the reserve base to get new military IDs and I have my 31 Gifts party. A busy, busy day tomorrow will be. I'm hoping to get to relax a bit also, and to prepare some food for the party and I still need to find a sitter for the kids! Yikes!

Emotionally, sometimes I'm doing ok. I'm still not 'good' though. Will I ever be? So many questions still swim through my mind, and it seems new ones keep popping up. It is still so difficult to see pregnant women and they're pretty hard to avoid! We just really desire to have a baby, still. Please pray for direction, that God would lead us to do what He desires.


Kim said...

Sounds like so much fun. Those games can really be a rip off. At least the kids had fun and thats all that matters. Hope your Dr appt goes good, and you have a successful party.

Amie said...

Try writing your questions down, it helps to remember and it's a visual que for the doctor that you HAVE questions.