Monday, July 19, 2010


So earlier after I'd called some adoption agencies I just sat here crying. The kids were in the basement (well Abby was napping) and had no idea. All of a sudden Gabe came up here (my tears were dry) and sat next to me. He put his arm around me and asked if I'm feeling ok. Talk about sweet!!! Did he know how sad I was feeling? Then I just watched a video somebody shared on facebook about the organization Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep and I was crying so hard. Abby came up, even before I began crying, and gave me the biggest hug and kiss on the mouth and then sat with me for a bit. Gabe, from across the room, asked if I was crying. These kids are so intuitive! It just amazes me! I love their sweetness!!!


I am OK said...

Kids are way more intuitive than we ever give then credit for. How sweet!

Sherry said...

It's amazing what a hug from a child can do for the spirits:)