Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Cuddle time

This morning I awoke to such sweet cuddles and hugs from Abby. I loved every bit of it. But then my mind went to the cuddles I'll never receive from Nathaniel, the sweet times I'll never get to hold him or nurse him or hold him close and comfort him. It still breaks my heart. I miss my baby! Not to give you TMI, but I got my period yesterday. I'm trying to not be bitter about it as I think how I should be pregnant, not have that thing! I guess my body is 'on track' since its been a month, but why can't it be 'on track' when it comes to pregnancy. I've had some really good talks with people recently, my friend Kim who lives all the way in Georgia and my sister-in-law and I had a good talk, cry and prayer time on the phone. I'm so thankful for the people God had placed in my life at the right time to say the right things. It doesn't happen too often these days ;)


I am OK said...

Cherish the cuddles, they'll help you through. Always praying for you. (((HUGS)))

Kim said...

Those little cuddles from the little ones are the most precious. Its so wonderful that you have great friends to help you through this time