Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blow by blow

Last night my dear Abby would not fall asleep.  She was so tired that she just could not stop crying.  Finally I laid her in my arm and began to sing 'Jesus Loves Me'.  I made it through the song two times before I just lost it and she crashed at last.  I realized I will never get to hold little Nathaniel in my arms and sing songs to him and put him to sleep with my horrible singing voice.  I just sobbed and sobbed as I held her in my arms.  Today I went to my friend's house.  Her baby is 7 weeks old.  Abby just adores him.  She was so eager to hold him, give him his pacifier.  It just breaks my heart to see her missing out on having a baby brother.  I found out yesterday a good friend of mine here is having a baby boy.  She lives down the street from me and our daughter's play often.  It's going to be another piece 'missing' when she has her baby- to think our boys could have played together also.  Sigh.  As my due date approaches I cringe.  I'm so scared for that day to come.  To think tomorrow I "would" be 37 weeks.  I'd be huge, uncomfortable and anxious to meet my baby.  Sigh.


Kim said...

Thats got to be so tough to have those little reminders, and those what could of beens. Remain strong, I know your a strong person.

I am OK said...

We are here for you.