Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Fun, laughs and a spiritual wake-up call

We had a GREAT time at the Pumpkin Patch today!!!  Zach took the day off and came along!  The weather couldn't have been better- for October it was a gorgeous day!  We all had to take off our jackets!  And when we were trekking through the corn maze I got a bit sweaty!!!  Amazing!  The kids had a blast on the jumping pillow, slides, tire swings, corn box, hayride, corn maze and picking out their pumpkins.  It was so much fun!  Growing up we never had things like this to do.  I'm so thankful my kiddos have these opportunities- fun memories for us all!  I took a ton of pictures but facebook won't let me load pictures lately. 

Here's a funny that happened on the way home.  Zach stopped at Bass Pro Shop and took the boys in.  I turned around in my seat to change Abby's diaper and there were these guys walking by the suburban and they just kept looking in (I think they could see in even though I have tinted windows).  I finished with Abby, put her in her seat and sat back in my seat, realizing that the guys were parked next to me and somehow I could tell they were still looking my way.  Weird.  For some reason I looked down toward my lap and realized my boob was hanging out of my shirt (but still in my bra)!!!!  Oh my goodness, I about died!  I am STILL cracking up about it!!!  It probably didn't help their minds any that my bra was a nude color!  There's my embarrassment for the year!

Tonight I went to a Bible study I began going to for Mommies with Hope.  It has been real encouraging.  On my way home I began thinking about how I feel like I'm never home lately.  It seems like there's always something going on.  Last night I went out with my friend Sadie.  Tomorrow night we have our Small Group.  Thursday afternoon is park day.  Friday is co-op and I want to go to a concert that night.  I love getting out and doing things but lately (well since like August) it seems like I'm always running!  I just keep telling myself that it's just for a season- before I know it the snow will fall and I'll be a homebody as much as possible.  Which I know is true, but I still hate feeling like we're gone so much.  So, I get home from Bible study and proceed to read my devotional for the day.  Ok, can you say "spiritual spanking"?  The title is 'My Resting Place' and it is referring to our homes.  God calls the righteous home a resting place.  Isaiah 30:15 says, "This is what the Sovereign LORD, the Holy One of Israel, says: "In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it."  She asks the question, "Are you letting the enemy use little things, subtle things, or even good things to rob you of your resting place?"  WOW!  I was JUST thinking of those very things!!!  All I'm doing are little things.  I'm doing good things.  But it is taking away from what is truly important- what God has called ME to do- to provide a resting place for my family!  She also says, "God calls you to come back into the heart of your home, He wants you to rest in your home, He wants your home to be the center of your life where you can live in quietness and confidence."  If that doesn't speak any clearer to me, then I need a 2x4 upside the head!  Now I will need to ask God those things to 'get rid of' in my life to help my focus be more on home.  I know it's ok for me to go out sometimes, to do things, etc, but I also know God desires me to be at home more raising my children for His kingdom.  Isaiah 32:18 says "My people shall dwell in quiet resting places."  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow says, "Stay, stay at home, my heart and rest; Home-keeping hearts are happiest."


DDK23 said...

OMG....the bra thing...to funny!
It's so hard to keep a good balance between "doing" and home. We need some of those going out things...but they seem to pile up quickly. It seems like we have been busy so often the past few weeks too. It should settle down after this week thankfully.

Kim said...

O'My that is funny. Ilove pumpkin patches. So glad you guys had wonderful weather to enjoy it.

Darlene said...

You don't go out that often and are home more with the kids than anything. It is okay to go out and enjoy this God given earth we trod on. In no time at all you will be staying in and will be wanting to get out even just for a breath of fresh air.
I think most of us can say we've had an embarrassing boob moment:)

I am OK said...

Heee heee heee - the whole boob out of the shirt thing so sounds like me. Once I accidentally flashed my neighbor while putting the dog out. I waved to him, not realizing my robe had come open! The embarrassment really doesn't fade ... come to think of it LOL.

Amie said...

Classic! LOL. We just did the pumpkin patch thing today with our homeschool group. It was in the 70s! By the way, I just wanted to mention, I do read your blog more often but I hate typing comments on the ipod touch so I don't comment as often.