Saturday, October 09, 2010

What else I've been up to

Last night I was thinking of so many things I wanted to blog about tonight but do you really think I can remember any of it today?  Go figure!  My brain is shot! 

We missed co-op yesterday.  The kids were all coughing the night before and we thought it best to stay home.  The kids were totally bummed.  We didn't have hardly any 'normal' school to do so we did that real quick and did our own co-op.  They played Wii Sports (bowling, baseball and boxing).  Then they made some scarecrows.  We never did get to do 'music' but they do play Band Hero a lot with their dad, so it's not like they missed out :)  I think they had fun doing all that.  I spent my afternoon looking for info on John Smith, Pocahontas and Jamestown.  I found tons of stuff and got some books and videos from the library this morning. 

Speaking of this morning I went to head out to our town's farmer's market and there wasn't anything set up!!!  What on earth!?!?  We get farmer's market checks with WIC and I really wanted to use them (they expire at the end of Oct).  I thought for sure the farmer's market would still be set up today.  The weather is just beautiful too.  It almost annoys me- my whole menu was soups and fall-type of foods and who wants to make soup when its 80* out???

Ok, enough of boring you.  I know I'll be posting more on the concert as I share lyrics and songs with you!  Aren't you just excited?


Kim said...

Sounds like so much fun. I miss our farmers markets too. Ours ended Sept 25. are your wic checks just good for the farmers market or can you get fruit and veggies at your local supermarket too? Thats how it is here anyway.

I am OK said...

I know what you mean about weather. LOL. I love the warmth and am so happy to have an extended summer but at the same time, I have wanted Sheppard's pie for weeks :D