Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Some of my thoughts tonight

Sorry if this seems like rambling, it is simply my heart tonight as I contemplate God, my babies in heaven and where I currently 'am'.

Sometimes we feel so alone in our grief, but we're never alone in the trials we face
God is there with us, through the fiery flames
Holding our hands and helping us rise again
We will conquer, we will overcome
We have us an example who's overcome the greatest obstacle- the grave!!!
When we feel we've nowhere to turn and nowhere to run, it is to His hiding place, His loving arms, His solid rock that we can turn
People will fail us, they'll say the wrong things
But, God, in His goodness will carry us on His wings

When the storm is so brutal and we can't rise again,
His hand will guide us and lead us to Him
Don't give up hope, do not despair
He is here with us when we can't contain the tears.

Thank YOU, Lord Jesus for holding me tight
For not letting me give up the good fight
For forgiving me over and over again
For the questions, the doubting, the anger and sin

I know this is all for Your glory, for Your good and I know my babies are safe with you now.  Never will they know hunger, thirst, want, selfishness, anger, sadness.  They were created with Heaven as their home.  I won't understand it here on earth, but I know my precious babies were destined for Heaven.  Please use their lives to further Your kingdom.  Please use me through these difficult times.  Use me in my sadness, my anger, my longing, my emptiness.  Fill me with You and You alone.  Please take this ache, this deep longing and fill me.  Amen.

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