Monday, October 18, 2010


So, since I finally started my new blog I can blog about other things here.  Not that I couldn't in the first place.  Be sure to check that one too though, as I'll still post there every day in October.  Anyway, I can't believe this is our 7th or 8th week of school.  Wow!  Time is just FLYING!  It seems like our school year JUST started!  I guess that's a good sign?  I'm surprised how well the kids are doing.  Not like every day is perfect- nothing like that.  I'm just amazed how much they remember from last year. 

Especially Gabe...I wasn't sure what he'd remember from last year and we've just been able to breeze through a lot of stuff.  Of course the beginning of the year is review, but I'm still surprised.  He doesn't always have a good attitude when it comes time to do school (he whines most of the time about it), but he does real well when he sits and does it.  I've had to continually work with him on his handwriting and writing his letters correctly, but I think maybe he's finally getting it.

Josiah finished school first today!  I have no idea how on earth that happened!!!  I think he was pretty proud of himself.  He has to write a letter this week and he's writing to his Grandpa Larry about going to the pumpkin patch.  He's been doing real well also.  We're reading an Abeka reader (it maybe be later 2nd grade level) about what life was like in Jesus' time and it's so interesting to us both!

Hannah still has a hard time coming up with adding details to her writing.  It can tend to be boring and I feel I have to keep prodding her.  I don't know what to do to get her to think of ideas by herself!  She always likes to be the one done 'first' or before lunchtime.  I think she just likes to have her afternoons free, although even if she is done with her work before lunch we still have history or science afterwards.

I'm memorizing scripture with them all and am amazed at how well they remember the verses!  In history we've been watching a lot of videos on Jamestown, John Smith and Pocahontas.  Interesting!  We went to the zoo on Friday for science and did some Zoobooks so we'll work on those a bit more tomorrow.  I love the hands-on stuff.  I was going to sign us up for a Homeschool Safari at the zoo but they charge like $8 a student (that's with a zoo membership, its more if you're not a member)!  Also, they don't allow the parents to sit in on the class.  I don't like that- I'd want to sit and listen to what they're learning too.  So, forget it!

I'm hoping the rest of our school year goes this quickly but I think once the snow falls things will slow down.  Oh well, at least for now its flying!  The kids are also enjoying the co-op we joined (as am I). 


DDK23 said...

I've been thinking of doing a science lesson with the boys, like on Saturday mornings or something like that. Hands on science can be so much fun, and then I can play too:-) The zoo things around here can get expensive, $8 would be a good deal (well if it was only one kid lol).
I'm sure as Hannah reads more, and finds a style she likes she will be more interested in writing like her favorite author.
Maybe ask her to just make up an American Girl type character. She can work on her character a little at a time (what she looks like one day, what she likes to do on another, who her friends are the next day... etc)....maybe as she develops this character she will understand more how to work interest into a story.
I loved writing when I was little and for me focusing on the characters helped develop the story.

Kim said...

Awesome to hear school is going smoothly and quickly for you guys. That would of been fun to go to that zoo safari. Its crazy what they charge for stuff. It they would just lower the price of things to make it more affordable to family especially larger families, they probably would end up maker more money anyway, instead they scare people away w/ those outrageous fees.

Amie said...

We have that Abeka reader! That is one of my favorites.

I am OK said...

How funny for them to have a class designed for homeschoolers that the parents cannot attend. I'd pass on that one too - plus the cost seems high.

Sounds like things are really underway though. Glad to hear every one is doing well, even with a little prodding :D

Anonymous said...

I always have the fear that the kids will forget what they learned over the summer. As they get older though it becomes less of a worry:) Glad your year is going great.