Saturday, October 23, 2010


The throat is scratchy.  The ear feels like somethings draining.  A bit of a cough.  This time of the year stinks.  I just want to put on my pj's and crawl back into bed and do nothing.  But I'm washing bedding and was hoping to break out the winter coats today and get those washed up.  That won't happen.  Somehow we have so much laundry (I just did it on Thursday).  I'm hoping maybe I can forgo my normal Monday wash day and just do the winter things then.  We'll see how much I get done today!  At least it's this weekend I feel so cruddy because next weekend I'm going to an overnight retreat!!!  I am really looking forward to that.


Kim said...

Sorry just catching up on your blog. Hope you are feeling better by now. I just hate breaking out the winter clothes, such a chore to go places when you have to bundle everyone up.

I am OK said...

Get those kids to do the laundry LOL - I have C change the clothes over and put away his own clothes. I've been thinking he is probably old enough to start the washer on his own ... Well that might be wishful thinking.

We haven't had to use the winter coats yet - but I assume I'll be in the same shoes in a few weeks. Hope you feel better soon.

crimsoncovered said...

Hope you feel better!
My husband always tells me "Lots of laundry is job security"

Let's just say we are both secure in our jobs! That way we can smile and keep walking - ha ha ha

Be Blessed,