Saturday, October 02, 2010

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.  I'm hoping to use my blog this month to share something every day on the matter, whether is something personal or not.  I know I missed yesterday so I'll try to share two things today (lucky you).

It is really sad that there even needs to be such a 'month'.  I know it is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I'm hoping those affected by that will share with us. 

Miscarriage or infant loss is so much more common than we tend to think.  It's almost like it's own special 'club', one none of us wants nor chooses to be in.  About one in every four pregnancies ends in 'miscarriage' (I use that term loosely).  So I guess I could look at my four living children and think how they're all miracles, but especially one of them?  I think my children are miracles as it is, of course, and most especially Abigail as she's here amongst 3 babies who were conceived but never had a chance to take a breath here on earth.  One in four.  It is amazing when we're at our Mommies with Hope meetings how many of us have multiple losses.  To think of the children that could fill that room!!!  On the other hand, Heaven has got to be filled with children- loads and loads of babies!  I cannot wait to meet my babies!!! 

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I am OK said...

So common - I am finding that I know more families this has happened to than not. Certainly not a club any of us wanted to join. But I love your outlook - lots and lots of babies to meet and hold. :D