Friday, March 14, 2008

Cursed Cable Company!

Oh boy am I livid! Remember I said we were going to get our TV turned off? Well, we also use the cable company's internet service and I made it very clear that the internet was to stay on. Then they don't actually schedule a 'time' to come out on a given day so you're just supposed to sit around and wait. I saw the cable guy drive by but he didn't even stop! It was lunchtime and we were so out of food so I thought it wouldn't hurt to pick something up. Then I decided to hop by the library (we hadn't been there in 3 months). So when I arrived at home and turned on the TV the cable was out, but so was the internet! There wasn't even a note on the door indicating he came! Why can't they call before they come? I guess I should have stayed home and waited but then he probably wouldn't have shown up until 5!

So, I called the company and told them my internet was also disconnected. She told me she'd have somebody come and reconnect it today. Two hours later I called again and they said the same thing. Finally its after 6 pm and we really need to grocery shop! I decided to just send Zach (never know how I might handle smells and sights of foods). Then I called the company again. I was on the phone for an hour with about 4 different people! First I find out that the women I talked to earlier in the day lied- they never intended to have somebody come out today. Then I found out they scheduled it for Monday! So here I sat on a beautiful Friday night waiting for the tech. to show up for no reason. Boy, was I MAD! After much string pulling SUPPOSEDLY a guy is going to come out tomorrow to fix it. If not I will be calling back and complaining some more. Oh, and this woman I talked to (who I thought was informative) seemed like maybe she would get somebody to come out. Well, then she comes back on the line and says it shows I am online and she's transferring me to tech. services!!!! ANOTHER LIE!!! I am very unhappy with these people. They could at least be honest in their dealings with their customers!

When I got off the phone I was about to cry. You just don't mess with a pregnant woman! Oh I know its so stupid- over internet!?!? But when we now have no cable TV either I feel like I'm living in the Stone Age! Oh and I shouldn't even be online right now. I feel bad that I'm connecting wireless from somebody else but I was desperate! Thanks for listening to me rant!

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Melissa said...

I hate the cable company!!