Thursday, March 13, 2008

Where has the week gone?

These are the flowers we had placed in church on Sunday in honor of Malachi. Beautiful, aren't they? They smell so good! I hate that flowers die so quickly! That's one reason I never buy them. Saturday we went to eat at Olive Garden. Oh it was delicious. We hadn't been there in forever. I so want to go!

I can't believe I barely posted all week! Monday I woke up feeling so much more energetic! I wanted to clean! But I didn't. Instead I committed myself to doing school! That's more important than a clean house, right? Zach was off Monday and Tuesday because he tested for Master Sergeant on Wednesday. He thinks he did alright, so I am really praying he makes it! We won't find out until June and if he made it he wouldn't sew it on until the summer of 2009 but its a good pay increase! So far he's made rank the first time testing, if not earlier so I'm counting on it again. He works so hard and puts up with a lot so I'm believing God will bless him, but if not its ok- he'll just test again next year!

Tuesday and Wednesday I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. I went through clothes and have 3 huge garbage bags full of our clothes to get rid of. I cleaned the refrigerator. I cleaned. I was so tired of a nasty house! I also did school. It is nice to be getting back into school. We've been doing about 2 lessons a day because I don't want to be at it until July! And they really don't seem to mind working so we keep at it!

Today we dove right into our schoolwork. Little Man amazes me by how fast he picks up on math! Today he learned skip counting, and while not hard at all I wasn't sure he'd get it. Boy, he did awesome! Princess is learning cursive writing and really excited about it! By 2 pm I was exhausted and had to lie down. I think with all of the cleaning the past couple of days I wore myself out! I was going to go to Park Day today but wasn't sure how warm it would be (I was freezing for some reason). We were also doing well with our schoolwork so I thought we'd just skip it. I also skipped out on a dentist appointment I had today. It was that or take the kids with me and I could see that being a nightmare! Hopefully the date I rescheduled works for Zach to watch them.

On the moving front we can't be more excited. At first we were being shown some affordable homes but they were so small or ugly. We're tyring not to be picky, but it is a home we're going to be purchasing so we do want to be happy with it. We upped the price a bit and there's quite a few we like. We'll just have to see if we can afford that. We did look at our bills and try to figure things out somewhat but its so hard. We're hoping to drive to Iowa in April to really house hunt. I do not want to buy a house just looking at the pictures online! You never know what you may end up with or where it may be (there are many nice ones that seem like they're right by railroad tracks).

I have no idea what I'm going to do yet regarding the birth, but I'll keep praying about it and seeking information. I've gotten some names of midwives and such in that area from people I've been in touch with from there. The thing that excites me the most (I think I mentioned this before) is the church there. I know we haven't actually gone there yet, but it doesn't seem like it could get any better. The pastor's wife and I email back and forth and she is a wealth of information. Not to mention very encouraging. It is always difficult moving and leaving friends behind. When we moved here I was about 7 months pregnant with Cuddly Boy. Of course I was wondering how I'd meet somebody to care for the other two when I had him! I had a friend in NC who had a friend stationed here (the Air Force is a small world) and she hooked us up. We met the Blackmon's and became fast friends. They were the type of people I felt comfortable leaving my children with. And they were so helpful with us moving and having a baby! I feel like the Lord is providing that in Iowa also. He is so good in how He watches over us!

Jodie wants to see some pics of houses we like, so here we go!

415 Beedle Drive-the pictures the realtor sent don't seem as dark and stuff as these ones.

Red Oak Drive- this one is really expensive but I really like it!

Grant Circle- the rooms in this one seem big!

Larson Drive- another nice one

Duea Cr- I think I saw more pics on this from the realtor. I am not on my computer but the laptop so I'm unable to access them.

Greene St- Zach loves the bathtub!

I was trying to be content looking at 3 bedrooms but we've been so spoiled with room for so long that it is hard! And with adding 2 more children to our family this year its just more feasible to have a 4 bedroom and more room. Also, we've had 2 bathrooms for like 6 years so its hard to go to less than that for me. I've been quite spoiled (or blessed) in the houses we've lived in and I really can't imagine going much smaller. The house we're in now isn't very big but I love the open layout downstairs. I keep saying I wish we could just take this house with us! Anyway, I think I should wrap this post up.


Choppzs said...

My 1st choice would be the Grant Circle one, then the Larson Drive! I'm with Zach on that tub too! lol That'd be awesome! And the prices?? Holy crap, you can't beat that. I guess I am used to seeing high 300's around here. Ours is a 30 yr old, 3bed, 2 bath and we paid 190. But we do have the 3acres. And that was DIRT cheap. Any newer houses aren't any less then 280. It's rediculous. I would love to be able to move back east. We could score on a huge house there! lol Good luck on your search, hopefully you can go there sometime soon and see them in person!

Jodie said...

Ooo I LOVE looking at house pictures!!! Thanks for posting! I would vote for Grant, Red Oak, or Beedle. ;)

Risa said...

They all look nice, I like Red Oak, Grant Cir., Duea Cir., and Greene St. I would have a hard time really deciding until I actually saw them... :) They all are really nice! :)