Wednesday, November 05, 2008

funnies during Bible time

While praying this morning I said how in a few years who knows if we'll have the freedom to home educate our children. Chatterbox didn't like that and about began to cry about the fact that some day she may have to go to public school! After prayers she said, "If I go to public school my whole life will really change". It was so funny! But true. She just told me that when I told her Obama was our new president that she was about to faint. Kids!

Booty Shaker prayed for 'Rock' Obama saying that Jesus likes him but that he doesn't! Oh boy! I've repeatedly told the kids how we need to pray for Obama, that God can change this man.

A few days ago while looking for a song to sing Junior Squirrel was trying to read the title of a song. It was called 'More Love, More Power' but he read it as 'Make Love, More Power'. Boy did I crack up!!!


Becca said...

My nephew, who's in 5th grade, participated in a mock election at school and when he told a classmate that he'd voted for John McCain, the kid punched and kicked him and earned an in-school suspension for himself. On the other hand, Gabe came home from school with a weekly reader type thing and had circled Obama as the one I voted for. I wonder how he came to that conclusion!

Amie said...

Those are funny! Especially the JS one.

Christine said...

I need to really work with my children about Obama. They have heard so many negative things, so I have a lot of work ahead of me. Your stories are so funny!