Thursday, January 08, 2009

A bit of this and a bit of that

I don't think I mentioned that I'll be continually adding to my thankful & reading lists & you can check them from time to time (if you're interested) on the sidebar. If I did mention that already, well sorry!

On a totally different note I was lying in bed with Sweet Pea last night and watching her sleep. I feel so blessed that God has given me another baby to love, to hold, to raise. I was thinking how now its so natural that she's here. I think we hit that 4 month mark and it didn't ever seem 'weird' anymore to have another baby. I can't remember what life was like before she was here. She's become so familiar to me- her smiles, her cries, the little faces she makes. We seem to have a bond that is just so special. It amazes me how you can bond with such tiny babies that don't understand much. But they do understand the love given them. It saddens my heart to think of babies who don't have that love, who aren't nurtured. I love loving on my babies- on all of them!!!

I think my oldest 'baby' is growing up. Yesterday I was fixing her hair and she kind of stunk like BO. Our kiddos get baths every other day. I guess maybe she's getting into those years where she needs a shower every day. I prefer baths every day but I guess if the kids don't do much its not like they're dirty! I asked her if she ever feels sweaty or stinky & talked to her a bit about it all. Is 8 too young to start hitting that stage???

I can't believe my boys are still sleeping! I've been trying to roll out of bed right around 8 this week so we can do school at a decent time. Well, the boys are still out! Us girls are sitting on the couch. Chatterbox is reading 'The Far Side' and Sweet Pea is looking over at me & smiling! I sure love her smiles!

Today I'm going to make homemade chicken noodle soup in the crock pot. I can't wait to smell it cooking all day and then to eat it! That's about all the exciting plans I have for today, besides doing school!


Kim said...

I know after I had Jalynn, I would just look at her while she was sleeping and couldn't get over that I actually had a baby girl finally. I think it was like months that I would look at her in disbelief, before reality hit me that she was in fact my baby girl and really here. As far as when kids should be worrying about BO and stuff like that, I guess I can't help you there. I'm not sure myself. I know have to keep on JJ about brushing his teeth and told him about good hygiene. He was like whats that. I just told him you will be embarassed if your friends think you smell bad and have stinky breath. No one will want to be around you or want to talk to you. So it's important to brush your teeth and take bath's. Kids always don't feel like doing that stuff, because it takes too much of their time. The other day JJ asked can I get a shower. It was weird for him to ask because I'm the one constantly telling them to go do it. BUt he smelled his armpits and was like I think I stink. I don't make them get a bath every night except when they have school it's a must. But this was over Christmas vacation and he didn't shower for two days. I usually don't make them shower every night when their on vacation because up here, our skin dries out so bad, and he get eczema. Ok I totally didn't plan on typing this much. I guess I just got on a roll. Have a Good Day :)

Becki said...

8 is not too young for deodarant and stepping up the hygeine schedule. My dd is 10(almost 11) and she's pretty good about staying on top of things now, with little reminding needed.

AmazingGraceTX said...

8 is not too young. Last sumer, I went into Grace's room to cover her back up and she had her arm up and I got a nosefull of funk. We had the hygeine talk the next morning. I got her a book called The Care and Keeping of Me, from American Girls and it's been pretty helpful with opening up discussions. Grace wears her deodorant every day now.

Risa said...

Jozie was the same way about a year ago. She still doesn't remember to put deoderant on everyday because she only notices the stink when she is playing in gym, outside, skating, or doing some other physical activity. I try to remind her but I figure what's the rush...she's still a little girl and though she doesn't want to smell funny I think bathing regularly is what's important. I usually do remind her if I know we're going to do something that may make her stink! LOL The same with wearing a's not like she NEEDS to wear one but when we are going to a friends house or to church I try and make sure she is "properly" attired so that as she gets older it becomes more of an everyday event that she thinks about, not that I always have to tell her.

Beth said...

Nope, 8 isn't too young. I got my girls a book at the Christian Bookstore by Nancy Rue...The Body Book. It is wonderful. I also got them the American Girl book, but I really prefer The Body Book.

AmazingGraceTX said...

last night, Grace was telling me that her "buttons" hurt sometimes, like they're bruised, she said.