Wednesday, January 21, 2009

dental appointments!

Today was the kids' dentist appointments. Fun, fun! In Mississippi they got to see a pediatric dentist and they loved it. Who wouldn't love going to the dentist to play video games & all? Here we don't get that option and I wondered how they'd now view the dentist for before they always loved to go. I'm sure all of that will change what with the results of the appointments! It was fine, everybody was really friendly but I didn't like the end results.

Chatterbox had sealants put on molars almost 3 years ago. They're gone. So, I have to wait until May to get them again (otherwise insurance won't cover as they only cover every 3 years). They don't cover 100% but close enough. Why bother getting them on if they come off? I'm a bit annoyed but I don't want further problems down the road. Also, its recommended that she see an orthodontist. Now I knew she'd need that type of care eventually. I guess it's best just to see if there's anything they can do to prevent further problems (maybe pull baby teeth early, etc). I have no idea about our insurance and orthodontists but I don't think its covered at all. So I need to look into it all.

Junior Squirrel also needs sealants, at least in one tooth for sure. I went ahead and scheduled his appointment to get them all done. Otherwise things seemed pretty good with him.

Booty Shaker has the beginnings of a cavity (at 4 years old!!!) so we need to get that filled. Zach and I brush his & JS's teeth so I'm surprised by this! And he's the one with such nice looking teeth with a lot of space between!

I know both Zach & I have had issues with teeth so I'm sure our children will inherit all that fun stuff. I just didn't expect it this soon! I guess they're growing up! I'm so thankful for dental insurance at times like this!

Speaking of insurance I got a bill from when I took Sweet Pea to the doctor over a month ago when she was all congested. A bill!?!? I need to call insurance about it and see what's up with that. I hate dealing with these 'adult, responsible' things...especially when it comes to insurance things!

I need to get off. Our supervising teacher is finally coming today and I need to get ready for her visit. By the way, Sweet Pea sure likes to blow little raspberries now. She's in her exersaucer & probably quite soaked from drool but she's happy as can be and smiling away as I look at her!


Kim said...

Glad to hear the trip to the dentist went well. We are still trying to catch up on getting all our teeth fixed. JJ needs sealants too, but we have been putting that off because Jarrett and I need more work. It can become pretty costly when three of us need work. I am thankful though for good insurance. My family never had dental insurance when I was a kid. The insurance can definitely be a pain. I hate when the dentist sends a bill and then the insurance sends an explanation of benfits too. I don't know what that all means. I end up calling every time to find out how much we actually owe. I wish it could be as simple as our health insurance,never having to pay anything. Let us know how your visit with the supervising teacher went.

Amie said...

I didn't realize they put sealants on baby teeth,our dentist never mentioned it. It seems like kids are getting braces younger and younger now.

Amie said...

hmmm...after reading about sealants I'm wondering why our pediatric dentist has never mentioned them! I'm going to ask next time.

Beth said...

Very frustrating that CB's sealants have come off.

Tricare Dental...whatever it is called...does cover orthodontics, but it is not great coverage! I think Dd's teeth ended up costing about $5000 over 2 years. I don't know if the coverage has changed any in the last 3 years.