Friday, January 16, 2009

early riser

I find that if I wake up at 8 as opposed to even 8:15 or 8:30 that our school day seems to go much smoother! How is it that 1/2 hour or less makes such a difference? Weird! I've been trying to make myself get up at 8 so that we can finish school. Things go so much better in the morning as opposed to the afternoon. After lunch I'm ready to be done and I know the kids are too. So this week has been nice in that most days we've managed to finish school earlier than the week before. I suppose it took time to get back into our school routine too. Booty Shaker really likes his school. I need to order him math to do...he's so ready! I've also been reading our Bible story at the breakfast table and then I eat breakfast when the kids are getting ready for the day. It is nice to have an afternoon to play! We played some games yesterday. I'm sure Chatterbox likes the waking earlier. She is such an early riser! The other morning her clock was set wrong...she was up before Zach went to work reading! She thought it was 7 but it was only like 6!!! Back to bed for her! This morning I had to ask her not to come in my room anymore unless she hears me up...otherwise she's bound to wake the baby or I and I'd prefer to wake on my own terms (I'm a much happier person that way)!


Beth said...

I hear you. When I get up with the alarm and get the kids motivated our day goes much better. The days I turn off the alarm and roll over...are long and drawn out!

Becca said...

FYI...8 isn't early. :) I used to get to sleep in until 8 but now I get up at 7 with the school boy. Pete is out of the house before 6 so 7 still seems a bit late. I guess it's all a matter of perspective.