Saturday, January 10, 2009

We got more snow!

I know, I know...I'm really not that excited. But it is nice to see a bit more of the white stuff. It began raining yesterday, then was mixed, then snowed. I couldn't believe how much snow was out there this morning! The kids (and Zach) ran out to play in it right after breakfast. Zach also shoveled. While they were romping outside I was indoors cleaning bathrooms, doing a bit of touch-up dusting & vacuuming floors. And of course taking care of the baby! Tonight I'm having a few of the Air Force wives over for a game night. Not like there's a whole lot of us anyhow. It's a small detachment we have here. There's only two enlisted guys, which makes only two of us wives, but we all get together & get along great. I'm so blessed to have a great bunch of ladies (although I haven't met all of them yet).

I just finished making the children some play-doh. Turned out I made it green & yellow...go Packers? Well, next year maybe? I can hear them down in the basement (great play-doh place) exclaiming over their creations! I have all of these cookie cutters that a dear friend from MS gave me awhile back & we've always used them for play-doh.

Sweet Pea is lying on the floor sucking her thumb sleeping! It is so cute! It's the second time she's done that today! She rolls onto her side and conks out! It is adorable! Earlier she managed to move in a complete circle while lying on her back!

For our game night tonight I'm going to make Lil' Smokies, chili cheese dip & brownies. I love the boxed Triple Chunk brownies. I'm such a sucker for chocolate! I made Lil' Smokies for our New Year's Eve get-together but I never did get to taste even one of them! Apparently Zach invited some neighbor guys over tomorrow night for a game of Risk so whatever is left over (I'm sure there will be plenty since there are only going to be 5 of us gals...although 2 are pregnant) I can save for his game night!

I'm trying to upload new pictures but for some reason it won't detect my camera. It seems like every time I try to upload pictures I have an issue...ever since I got the Picasa 3. I never had such issues with 2!

Well, I am going to try to finish the book I'm reading before tonight so I better run. I'll also try to get some pictures on (no idea what's on my camera as I haven't been as good at taking pictures).

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