Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We finished school before lunch two days in a row now! It is amazing and oh so very nice! We even did a little extra today because CB has an appointment tomorrow morning.

Junior Squirrel and I were reading The Boxcar Children and just finished it. He wants to get the next one. I love reading aloud to my children! Chatterbox is reading The Wind in the Willows now and we're enjoying that.

Sweet Pea is fussy today. It looks like the tip of her tongue is bruised. She really needs a nap right now and every time I try to put her down when she's just about asleep she wakes up and cries (right now she's crying in her swing....trying to find her fingers). Now if only she can put herself to sleep for awhile! She's been laughing a bit more. It's fun to see her laugh at her siblings! She's sure growing by leaps & bounds!

I haven't even had to teach Booty Shaker lately...I turn my head & he knows exactly what to do! He's so smart and easy to teach...although he can get an attitude about some things!

CB is going to go to a TeenPact class in April. Our friends (pastor) are very involved in it and she asked if CB could go with them when she takes her girls. I looked at what it is, what they do and talked to Zach about it. Then I asked CB about it. She was a bit apprehensive and I had to explain some of it to her (not telling her right away that she'd be going with her friends). I also explained how its so important for us as Christians to get involved in our government, I think especially now more than ever. So, she will check it out. Hopefully it will be a step for our whole family to get more involved in government.

I notice many people are thinking about quitting blogging now that they're on facebook. Although I feel like I don't blog as often I have no intentions of quitting, especially since I don't think a lot of my family is on it.

We get our puppy on Saturday. The kids are so excited. Well, we all are. I'm gearing up for sleepless nights and potty training. I hope she's going to be easy to train. I can't remember if I posted the new pictures of her or not, that the lady sent? I'll have to check and do that.

Today in school we talked about Augustus Caesar. We will take baths like the Romans did. I'll 'massage' the kid's backs with olive oil and let them linger in the tub. I'll bring them a drink and grapes and when they're done a heated towel! They're looking forward to it.

Why is it that I can't remember what else I was going to blog about? I hate that! I had all of these ideas going through my head and now I can't remember any of them. That's what happens when I put it off I guess.


DDK23 said...

I think the VERY few people who read my blog are on facebook....other than my MIL. But we have a family website. Blogging is just getting to be to much effort and zero return...heck Chad doesn't even comment. If I do "quit" I would make it into a private journal for just me. That bath things sounds like fun. Oh whenever I see you are done with school, I think "why can't I just be done with my work for the day too lol!".

Beth said...

I have thought about quitting my blog...I just don't have much to say on there. But I keep it up for my family. They like to keep up with the kids and that is an easy place to post to.

Amie said...

I have really been struggling with blogging lately, and keeping up with other blogs too. I won't quit blogging, but it sure isn't what it used to be.

Kim said...

You can't quit blogging.JK. I never am on facebook. Sounds like the kids are going to get some pampering with their baths.