Sunday, January 25, 2009

the girl's new specs

Here's CB in her new glasses. I think they're cute and fit much better than her other ones. They're 'Hannah Montana' glasses & have an H on one arm and even say HM...CB's initials! Can't get much cooler than that;)

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These pics were taken with her camera. To see her other pictures (quite the 8 year old girly pictures you'd expect) go here!


Sherry said...

I didn't know they made Hannah Montana glasses. Hmmm,I bet I can guess what Jessa's next pair will be, lol. Of course she doesn't have the same initails, but anything HM is cool to her. The glasses look cute on H!
Sherry S.

Amie said...

Cute! How neat to have her initials on them too.

Becca said...


Darlene said...

You look cute Missy. I like your new glasses. And just think you can even see.