Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A new family member (and NO I'm not pregnant again)!

Zach and the kids have been wanting a dog for quite some time. I am so anti-pet! I'm the one home all day with 4 kiddos to care for and a house to keep up! Well, I saw an ad in our local paper for some Maltese puppies and fell in love! So I showed it to Zach and he was all for it. We didn't' even tell the kids, just said we had a surprise. We drove to the place where the pups are and they saw them and that's when we finally said we're getting a puppy! We picked out this cute little girl and we're going to call her Daisy. She should come home in about two weeks when she no longer needs her mama. They're so cute, like little stuffed animals! I'm not at all looking forward to potty training and I'm still trying to figure out the best way to do it (she's too small to take out in the cold) so if any of you have any advice... The kids are thrilled. I think a pet will be good for them. They do have the hamster, but he's pretty much cage-bound (much to my delight)! I look forward to bringing Daisy home and to the many years she will be a part of our family!

*these are pictures from her current owner who so graciously emailed them! Isn't she a doll??


DDK23 said...

Well doggie mommying is just my thing lol.
The way we did it was make sure Belle was taken to her potty place (in our case outside) every 4 hours AND after each meal. Since we took her out we wouldn't play with her until she went potty.... business first;-) I don't know the specifics of indoor training, and I honestly would just clear an area and make her go outside, but I don't have a small dog so I probably sound cruel lol.
Whatever you do be consistent, and make sure the kids know the rules with the dog. Daniel has just started to work with Belle on training and they are doing so well together. Kids are more than capable of working with a dog (like doing tricks, or obedience) they just need to know how. dogs are a part of the family, and are fun to play with. But the dog still needs to learn to respect everyone (ok now I sound like Ceaser) and the kids need to know how to work with the dog the right way. Dog training would be a cool subject to add to your home school curriculum! There are a lot of really good books out there. Also if you can watch the "Dog Whisperer". I don't remember what channel that show is on, but you may be able to rent one of his DVDs. I don't always agree with him %100 (seriously this guy is just born with a way with animals) but he has some really good techniques.
So......you may be able to tell I am kind of passionate about dogs. Mostly I just hate to see families let down when the dog doesn't work out. They are a lot of work in the beginning. I broke down in tears when Belle was a puppy, but she is great now. We get compliments all the time (and I still don't quite know what dog they are looking at) on how well behaved she is. I am so glad we put forth the effort though!
She is super cute!

Becca said...

She's adorable but all I have to say is ....better you than me! Seriously tho, she's darling!!

Amie said...

What a cute little puppy! Sure don't envy the puppy stage though...I'm so glad we're past that!

Kim said...

How Cute! No wonder you fell in love. I was very fortunate when we got our dog, then a puppy, that he trained really easy. Maybe one or two accidents at the most. I just kept taking him out every hour. I know that's frequent but I wasn't looking forward to cleaning any messes up. I bet the kids just love her and what an adorable name. Good Luck with the training.

Anonymous said...

She is so cute!
Potty training - FUN!

Anonymous said...

She is so cute!
Potty training - FUN!

WildCAT said...

She's adorable!! She will be so fun! While puppies are hard (I had to train ours when I was 7 mo. pregnant!!), our puppy has brought a lot of fun to our lives! =)

DDK23 said...

Just an addendum (to my previous long winded comment lol) about potty training. For a younger puppy it is like every hour or two. I think its an hour for each month.....so at two months it would be every 2 hours for going potty (plus right after meals). Belle was into every 4 hours fairly quickly, I would think a smaller dog needs about every hour for a bit. Also using a command word like "potty" when they do it helps later to associate. So you can just tell the dog to go "potty" and they will instead of running around playing.
again long winded.....I love dogs lol.

Sherry said...

Awww, she's adorable!! I have two friends with very small dogs ~ one of them uses "puppy pads" and the other uses a litter box. I just got my dog and he's 6 years old already so he's trained for outside, but if I could, I'd love to have him trained for a litter box. He really does not like to be outside on cold days, and unfortunately, we've had a lot of them lately. Good Luck with the puppy ~ how fun!
Sherry Strack

Beth said...

Your Daisy is so cute! You will have fun with her.