Monday, January 12, 2009

where's the blizzard?

We're supposed to get a blizzard today. Zach got off at noon. Since about then we haven't had any snow fall. The wind doesn't appear to be blowing. So I wonder where the blizzard is. I'm sure its coming though.

Our supervising teacher was supposed to come today but because of the 'weather' schools & all were getting out early & she cancelled. I was supposed to meet w/her by now & haven't at all this year! I really hope we can meet up soon (I just don't want to get in any 'trouble' with any homeschooling laws here).

Ok, well our baby-sitter and her niece are coming over to say hi so I need to get off! I've got dinner going in the crockpot and it smells heavenly (chicken tortilla casserole). So glad I don't have to worry about cooking tonight now, besides maybe whipping up some refried beans for the rest of the family (I can't stand them).


Anonymous said...

We are finally past our 10 days at -50. Talk about stir crazy!!!
It actually warmed up enough to snow here today:)
Hope you enjoy snow fall but not a blizzard...

Beth said...

I'm glad you didn't get the expected blizzard.
We have a "cold snap" here right now. It is currently 50*....not too bad. But I don't want to turn the heater on, it is 65* in the house.

Risa said...

We didn't get the bad weather that was promised to us yesterday was canceled - even Bob got out at noon. I had 2 afternoon appts. that were changed to morning because of our impending bad weather. So much for getting any school work done! By afternoon the wind had died down, the snow hadn't fallen and I didn't get my laundry done because the temps were below zero. Who wants to go out to the laundry room in THAT?!

So, I've got to do it today in -4* weather...sounds fun! :)