Friday, January 09, 2009


Yesterday I shared about this new 'law'. Here's an update.


DDK23 said...

Well that is better that they are considering thrift shops. I honestly don't shop for kids clothes at thrift shops. I tried, but I just saw some stained shirts selling for $2 - $3.....I can get a brand new shirt for that price on clearance at target or KMart. I do look at thrift stores for shoes though.

Beth said...

Yes, I've been watching this. I still don't like it.

DDK23 said...

Hey Rocks in My Dryer has a good post today about the "child safety" law:
I hope more info gets out. I haven't even heard about this on the news yet (then again I don't watch much tv lately).

Anonymous said...

Praise God!
That would have been terrible!