Sunday, January 11, 2009

freezing blog

Yeah, my blog keeps freezing up on me. And Picasa. Ever since Picasa 3 was downloaded to my computer I've had problems with it. I don't know what the deal is. This laptop is a piece of garbage anyway but it works for other things. I couldn't even post pictures on my blog through my blog...or the whole computer would freeze. Has anybody else had problems? I have two videos to share of Sweet Pea but I'm not sure how I'll do that when I keep having these issues.

Sweet Pea was cracking up at Booty Shaker tonight. He was minding his own business pretending he was swimming in a pool (his blanket) on the floor and she just started laughing. She's never laughed that much before! It was precious & I had tears!

We had a good time last night at our game night. We played Taboo. That sure is a fun game. We did a lot more talking (and eating) than game playing but it was a fun time! Tonight Zach had a few of the neighbor guys over to play Risk.

I got my new Serene & Pearl CD & I love it. I have only been able to listen to bits & pieces so far but it is encouraging. And their voices are so beautiful.


WildCAT said...

Glad you guys (gals...) had fun at your game night last night! I'm sorry I missed it! It was bittersweet for me not to be there! Hopefully we can get together soon!

Risa said...

I'm wondering if Blogger is having some problems...I was just trying to get on everyone's blog but it goes to the feed...don't know what that's about - it wasn't like that on Sat. when I was on.

Sounds like fun to get together with the girls for games! I can't wait until Bob has a job where he's home from time to time in the evenings so I can go do things like that again...seems like ages!

Shari said...

Have you played Catch Phrase? It is so fun. It's a combo of Taboo and hot potatoe. Always a great time when it's played. They have a music version out too, but that one is pretty hard.