Thursday, January 29, 2009

good thing

Good thing we were successful in school the past couple of days because today is a flop! CB had her orthodontist appointment this morning so it threw me off. We didn't have time to begin beforehand and after a trip to the grocery store it was lunchtime. I just was not in the mood to do school so only made them do math and spelling. I'm trying to get little things done that I never seem to do (balance checkbook, make grocery list & menu, figure out bills, etc).

The ortho said that he'll just keep having her come back every 6 months and see what her tooth do. I'm glad there's no need to pull teeth or to get braces right now. I think its rather silly to get braces when you don't have all of your permanent teeth.

The boys had fun with their baby-sitter. She's such a sweet gal...we're so blessed. She will call just to see how we're all doing!

Is anybody else having problems with blogger? Every time I go to post I get this error message and then in my 'edit posts' page the post is there twice. So ridiculous. I'm frustrated beyond belief with blogger & Picasa lately...if only everybody would get on facebook (though I do like blogging to show progress and all in school).

It is unreal...the days that are 'warm' (today its 30*) its so is so frustrating! The wind is biting cold! So glad I never go anywhere but I swear I'm getting cabin fever!


Kim said...

That's good she doesn't need braces roght now. Maybe her teeth will straighten out some after she loses more. I had problems with blogger awhile ago,but it has been fine lately. The weather can never make up it's mind eh?

Beth said...

I'm glad that they are going to watch the tooth to see what happens as she grows. I think often times Dr.'s are too quick to jump in and DO something.

Amie said...

I have cabin fever.