Saturday, January 24, 2009

too close for comfort?

I've been saying and thinking how so many people look at our new President as a type of 'savior'. They think he's the cure-all for the problems in our country. Well, check out this article. It hits a bit close to home...right down the street from us in Des Moines! Crazy people!

I have to admit that I've been trying to steer clear of recent news but I have been catching snippets here and there. It is so sad to see how in his first few days in office our new President has managed to really overturn some very important 'issues' in this country. As I told Zach (and pardon my language here), "Our country is going to hell in a handbag" (and fast). May the Lord judge the actions and may we pray for our President and country like never before! My reason for trying to be ignorant to it all is because it would seriously depress me. If I sat and thought on these things long enough, especially abortion, I would burst into tears and wouldn't stop. Heaven has got to be filled with these innocent babies' who are given no chance here on earth. Sad. Depressing.


Kim said...

I agree with you. I think the media has put him on a sort of pedestal (spelling). I think they kinda had me believing he was gonna make this country right, but I have since had a second opinion, with some of the decision made recently. Just pray for this country. That's all we can do.

DDK23 said...

I know what you mean by making him into a 'savior'. The media is just setting him up for a big fall. I am neither Republican nor Democrat. But I get sick of hearing angry Democrats (I know A LOT of them personally lol) will be interesting to see what their reactions will be when the country isn't "magically" better when they are in charge. Like Kim said, the most we can do right now is pray.

Becca said...

I didn't read the article you linked but I did hear a talk radio segment on this exact same topic and there is a children's book out about him with pictures of him with a halo over his head and in very "Biblical" type poses apparently....scary stuff! This man has too many people looking at him as a super's going to go to his head at some point.